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Complimentary Limousine Service in Sydney, Melbourne and Shanghai


China Eastern Airlines (CEA) offers to provide Limousine Transfer Service in Sydney and Melbourne to all CEA-contracted corporate clients who fly First/Business class;similar to the service provided to all First/Business class passengers in Shanghai. We will collect you from your door, and when you land,
we will be there to take you to your final destination.

Terms & Conditions

1. The Limousine Transfer Service is only available for Eligible Passengers and subject to these Terms and Conditions.

2. Eligible Passengers:  means passengers who meet all of the following requirements:

     a.Have purchased and fully paid for a First/Business class ticket for a one-way or return trip (“Ticket”);

     b. The ticket should issue with China Eastern ticket number 781-XXXXXXXXXX.

     c.The Ticket was issued in Australia; and

     d.The Ticket is for travel between Australia and China/Asia/Europe/Nth America on purely MU/FM operated flights.

     (any code share flight is not eligible for this service)

3. Eligible Passengers must make reservations for the Limousine Transfer Service to the Sydney or Melbourne office directly
and such reservation must have been made at least 7 works days prior to the departure date (download the application form
 & meeting point guide here)

4. Eligible Passengers must email the application forms to:

      a.Sydney office:

      b.Melbourne office:

5. China Eastern Airlines does not warrant or guarantee the Limousine Transfer Services will be available at the times requested by Eligible Passengers. Availability of Limousine Transfer Services depends on the availability of drivers and vehicles.

6.  The Limousine Transfer Service includes:

      a.Pick up of Eligible Passenger from a Permitted Location;

      b.Transport of Eligible Passenger in Selected Vehicles from the Permitted Location to the departure airport;

      c.Pick up of Eligible Passenger from the arrival airport; and

      d.Transport of Eligible Passenger Selected Vehicles to a Permitted Location.

7.  The Limousine Transfer Service excludes:

      a. Drop offs and Pick ups for Codeshare flights is available without charge to the Eligible Passenger.

8.  The Limousine Transfer Service may be subject to a fee based on distance between the requested Pick up/Drop off location and the airport. Full details of the rates and fee payable, if any, will be made available at the time of reservation.

9.  Permitted Locationsfor the purpose of Pick up or Drop off must be a street addresses where parking is permitted. China Eastern Airlines reserves the right to object to any locations requested by the Eligible Passenger at its discretion.

10. Selected Vehicles: means Mercedes-Benz E class sedan, Mercedes Benz Viano MPV or other type of vehicles of similar body type and class.

11. China Eastern reserves final explanations on the limousine service.